My Hidden Faults


Who can perceive his errors? Acquit me from hidden faults.

Psalm 19:12


Most of us spend our whole lives hiding from everyone around us. We put on masks, smiles, or frowns as guards to conceal what is really going on inside. We have become the masters of disguise. Not wanting onlookers to evaluate us for who we really are. We constantly putting up facades to reinvent ourselves, when in all reality we are never really allowing ourselves to be who Yah intended us to be. It is the real us that Yah has chosen to minister and to witness to those around us. We are so busy fixing the outer image that the real us is dying, and we are neglecting to deal with the hidden woman. We never stop to think that in all of our concealing we are actually sinning against the Most High. We cover to the point that we don't even know who we are. It is not until we are exposed to the light of truth that we can even begin to let our guard down and truly be evaluated by Yah. You might say you live a “holy” life, but it’s merely based on what a person doesn't know about you, and not on how you have actually lived. Let’s take some time to think about the things that we do that we may not even know of? What about the things that others can’t perceive? The things about us that loom in areas that only Yah Can see? You know, those justified and unknown areas that we conceal even from ourselves?

Many of us never stop to think that there may be deeper meaning behind our errors. The corruption that is at the root of a problem can begin festering and rotting without us even knowing. These are things thatwe wouldn't even want people to know. The things in our inner parts that make us cower in fear. If these things are exposed will my husband still love me? Will my friends still like me? Will those who depend on me be let down? These are insecurities that Yah can be trusted with. He wants these fears, because not only is He the only one that can take away the fear, but He is the only one who can see who we really are and what we are hiding behind. While we cover our eyes not wanting to see the hurt or the gaping wound of our suppressed iniquities and transgressions, He is not shocked because like a good Father, He already knew. Yah is not judging to tell someone else or to expose you. He is not looking to get ammunition or to say “I told you so.” He is looking to heal. He is pulling away the bandage to find the gaping wound, and as the great physician He is coming to repair and find the wrongs and make them right.

So often we share our errors with our friends and we are left feeling empty and unresolved, because we couldn't really open up like we wanted to. Yah is a friend that is closer than a brother and He cannot only look at the problem, but He is willing to change the circumstance.  Allow him to examine you. Let him see the scars. Let him see the pain. Because it is only when we are willing to let him in that He can shine light in the dark places and bring life. The adversary seeks out that which is hidden in order to cause guilt. When we stop hiding we become free and yes we have faults, but our faults are no longer instruments for blackmail by the accuser, but they are testimonies toward righteousness.


Scripture Reading:


      Psalm 40