Conference & Travel Guidelines

What does it take to have Huldah come speak? Here are some general guidelines:

1.      Transportation – Flight Costs out of and back to LAX, CA. If necessary, rental car and fuel costs. If Huldah is driving her own car, then fuel costs to and from the event location. Huldah will only drive her own vehicle up to a 4-hour radius from Fresno, CA. 

2.      When sharing with multiple groups in the same general location, travel expenses will be equally shared by the groups.

3.      Meals & Lodging – Because Huldah is a woman she WILL NOT stay in personal homes unless she is traveling with her husband. She will do her best to locate relatives or close friends in the area ahead of time to cut out lodging expenses. Hotels will be a last resort. Also, Huldah eats a vegan diet when she travels so please no animal products of any kind!

4.      HULDAH DOES NOT CHARGE TO SPEAKDonation are welcome if individuals feel led.

5.      Donations are separate from expenses. All expenses must be handled before travel date(s). While Huldah would love to travel on with her own finances, it is not possible with 2 children and mandatory  obligations.

6.      Please Provide a white board for writing or a projector.

7.      Huldah does not hold conferences with male audiences.

8.      Finally, have an open mind and remember to have fun!!! 


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