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Hidden in Plain Sight
Book Description

Due to the forced migrations during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade many Africans have been displaced from their homelands, language, and culture. Because of conquest, colonialism, and history written in jealousy, the identity of this displaced people has become a topic of controversial discussion. This African Diaspora has been the vehicle for stealing and recasting the historical people of the land, while also veiling the truth of their pre-slavery existence. After nearly 400 years of the calculated misuse of religion and removal of cultural markers, Hidden in Plain Sight seeks to provoke thought on religion, racism, and cultural appropriation in order to assist in rebuilding the foundation that has been destroyed by systemic oppression. The current condition of “Blacks” in America is an obvious cause for concern, but very few seek to tell the unbridled truth about the origin of this condition, as well as those who have contributed to its perpetuation. This book tackles the echoing questions of “Why can’t we just move on?” Is it truly necessary to know the past in order to change the course of the future? Can there ever be solidarity amongst humanity? and if so what does that look like? As you read this book prepare for a liberating journey with the ultimate destination being a place of unity and redemptive truth.

Humbled by His Presence Book Description 

As we prepare for the return of Messiah, Our Abba Yah is gathering each of us to His threshing floor, where He is separating the grain from the chaff. The pressure of the threshing floor is used to release the edible part of the grain from its hard outer shell. By reading and studying scripture you will be challenged to become sensitive to the Master’s refinement process. In this 21 day devotional you will have the opportunity to get a concrete understanding of what the Father is looking for in the life of his children, and the type of relationships we are to cultivate with those around us in order to be a light in our homes and to the Nations. Through the definition of words and the sharing of stories, you will able to procure a humble heart that will produce fruit ripe for the harvest.