One of the most popular phrases in the “Black” community is rooted in Hebrew culture. The phrase “it takes a  village to raise a child” is an Igbo/Yoruba proverb. There are a couple of things that caught my attention: 1) We (Hebrew Israelites) didn't lose our whole culture. 2) Although we have preserved the saying, we have lost the meaning. Western culture is immensely individualistic, and carries with it the crab-in-the-barrel syndrome of using others to get to the top or doing things all by ourselves to avoid relationships, hurt, and awkward encounters. The complete opposite was true in Eastern culture and specifically our Hebrew ancestors. The Hebrew mindset is “if one of us makes it, all of us make it.” While many rappers and other so-called “African Americans use this statement, it is never for emancipation but rather a path into more bondage. We even see this mentality with Yehoshua and His disciples. They were only trying to figure out if their Kinsman Redeemer made it, would they go to the top also--Typical Brew mentality. What they failed to understand is that it wasn't about the ONE person and His group, but how that ONE would benefit the whole world.

The Hebrew word for village is "Kaphar". This word is spelled Kaph/ Peh/ Resh (כפר). The word כפר translates as “ransom” eight times, “satisfaction” twice, “bribe” twice, “camphire (henna plant)” twice, “pitch” once, “sum of money” once, and “village” once. 1 price of a life, ransom, bribe. 2 asphalt, pitch (as a covering). 

It is not until we look at the numerology and the pictograph of the word that we see a deeper meaning. We begin to understand the village for the first time, and its purpose to those inside and out.

If we simply take the meaning of the Hebrew letters we glean something very striking. To bend, open allow, the scattered (by blowing or from the mouth (speak)) from the beginning. I am sure, right now,  that doesn't make any sense. Let me shed some light on it .

Deuteronomy 28:64
"Moreover, Yahuah will scatter you among all peoples, from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth; and there you shall serve other gods, wood and stone, which you or your fathers have not known.

Ezekiel 20:23
"Also I swore to them in the wilderness that I would scatter them among the nations and disperse them among the lands,

Jeremiah 18:17
'Like an east wind I will scatter them Before the enemy; I will show them My back and not My face In the day of their calamity.'"

Jeremiah 30:11
'For I am with you,' declares Yahuah, 'to save you; For I will destroy completely all the nations where I have scattered you, Only I will not destroy you completely But I will chasten you justly And will by no means leave you unpunished.’

** This is not a conclusive list and I will post the other verses below for further study. 

The word כפר broken down by each letter shows that our people have been scattered by blowing. This correlation between scattered and village seems irrelevant by itself. Even the word village needs structure to understand its meaning. It is not until this word is built with the  positive and negative charges of the Hebrew language that it makes more sense. When these letters are put together we get a numerical value that connects all Hebrew words to one another, if they add up to the same value. This is not a manipulatable concept because the words numbers and values never change. This connection gives a well-rounded meaning to this word and others.

The numerical value for כפר is 300. This is the same numerical value for “SHIN”. The word means to eat, consume,  and/or destroy. From the above verses we  see that this is what happened to Yah’s chosen people. The additional meanings (positive) for this word relates to how HE is going to draw us back in, and gives us the concrete meaning for the word כפר.  Because everything in scripture is cyclical, and every word or concept also has a positive and negative charge, we are going to see something extraordinary. 

The word כפר with its numerical value means to cover; to forgive; to bind or combine, to be strong, vigorous; village, hamlet; pitch cypress flower (Henna); a ransom; expiations, atonement.

Is it coming alive yet? Lets keep going!

כרמיל    ---    crimson, crimson cloth.

מכמר    ---    a net, hunter's net; nets.

ממכר    ---    a sale; a thing for sale or sold; possession

ערל       ---    the foreskin; to circumcise; to expose one's                              
                         foreskin. uncircumcised, dull, unfeeling.

אלהימ רוח        ---    spirit of the god(s), breath of the god(s).

יצר    ---        press together; to straiten; to be pressed together; to be distressing, perplexing;  to cut; to form, fashion; to create; to produce, arrange; to devise, design; a potter, statuary; a shaping, thought; frame or constitution; a device, pattern; an image;  pr.n. "Form"; formed, fashioned.

I am saving this last one for a sister-friend of mine. All of these things, the scattering, the straightening the pressing, the crimson (blood), being sold, being brought in, and finally being taught….are all for YOUR SAKE. The 2 letter root word for village can be found it that very word בעבורכ  “for your sake.” The village and all of its components are for our sake. Not being a part of the village, for the negative components, removes you from being in the village for its positive components. The same village who was responsible for the scattering of the people, was the same “village” who was responsible for the Messiah and, that would save all of the people.

It is imperative that we invest in the village because it is a symbiotical relationship that is necessary to the function of humanity. The same people who are on the bottom will one day rise up and rule. Those people are the ones who need to be brought in and tamed and taught. The village who is responsible for the scattering, is the same village that has the job and task of restoration. We can no longer be individuals once we have our identity back, we must work to build up our men, women, children, and we do this by using our abilities, gifts and talents to elevate those who are placed in our path. It is only by becoming one harmonious sound that we will return to Zion from which we were scattered. 

Isaiah 51:11
Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.

The same people that are blown and scattered are the same people that are brought back in and tamed (taught).

Many of us are the forerunners of the movement out of Babylon. We have returned to the truth and many of our families and friends are still within the city walls of her destruction. A village is outside of the city and is a safe place. Our job is to build the safe place where they can come and be protected and covered as they grow in His truth. 

*NOTE: The Igbo and Yoruba people were Hebrew migrants from Jerusalem during the Diaspora.


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