and Yahuah Elohim built that which he had taken from the side of the man into a woman and brought her unto the man.
Genesis 2:22

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One of the most discomforting things about being a woman of “faith” is not understanding who and what we are. For years and years I have wondered “why did Yah (God) make me a woman? Society has made the woman and her counterpart view her differences as a negative. We hate everything about our make up. We hate the womb, we hate our subcutaneous fat, we hate our cycles, and ultimately everything that makes us woman, we despise. And the sad thing is that we are not alone. Our men are conditioned to amplify and degrade us for the very same reasons. I do not think that this is on purpose, but it has been done with purpose. When the meaning of a thing, and the culture of a people is stripped away we are left grasping for straws and defining things by someone else foreign to our “nature” and it spins us into self hate and confusion. For balance sake I will deviate slightly from the normal format of english and greek definitions and deal only in the hebrew. If you are not familiar with the language there is a chart at the top that can be downloaded for your keeping and referencing in the future. 

When Yah created man and woman he created them EQUAL. Different purposes but EQUAL. The reason being is because Yah split his essence which in our finite world we refer to as (feminine and Masculine). Brother Yzu of IBRMath does a very good study on this portion. So I will post the link if you need to reference what I mean before you move forward. 

Male and Female:

When you study words and the hebrew language you will find that all things have significance. When Yah created man and woman he did two different yet complimentary things. He built woman and he formed man. There are two different english words here and there are also two different hebrew words. The word built is the hebrew word (banah) and the word formed is the hebrew word (yatzar). Today we are dealing with the woman and how she is built and how the holy language shows the purpose and “role” if you will of the woman. For balance sake I will challenge you to do your personal study on what the form and function of the man was in this particular context. 

The word Banah is spelled with a Bet/ nun/ and a Hey. The first letter of the word in pictographically hebrew (oldest form of hebrew with pictures as its letters). looks like this 


This is the floorplan of a nomadic tent. The women and children were on the enclosed side, and the man was present at the opening for protection. Likewise, it represents the life cycle of humanity and reproduction. The right side is the woman who houses the seed and the left side represents the man who through his seed continues the family. Hence having the one side that is open and the other side that is closed off. 

The Bet also represents the womb. This can be seen by the entrance representing the vagina and the inside being the uterus where the child is formed. When the fullness of time is come the life that is formed in the safe place will come forth through the portal from whence it was brought in.

This is also a picture of the tabernacle and the holy of holies. The womb is also viewed as an altar where a sacrifice is laid and then that sacrifice is taken and multiplied to bless the family. Only a priest (a qualified one) was allowed into the holy of holies. The womb is veiled and the happenings on the inside are intimate between Yah and what is to come forth.

Indeed you created my inward parts;
you wove me in my mother’s womb
Psalm 139:13

Whew!!! I know that was a lot but there is a “foundation” that has to be laid before we can move forward.

What separatesthe hebrew language from every language on the planet is that each letter has a meaning that never changes. These meanings define the word as a wholewhen each letter isstrung together in order.

בנה Bet/Nun/Hey translates as “build” 340 times, “build up” 14 times, “builder” 10 times, “made” three times, “built again + 8735” twice, “repair” twice, “set up” twice, “have children + 8735” once, “obtain children + 8735” once, and “surely (inf. for emphasis)” once. 1 to build, rebuild, establish, cause to continue. 1a (Qal). 1a1 to build, rebuild. 1a2 to build a house (ie, establish a family).

When Yah created woman (Chawah/Eve) he created her with a purpose that would be perpetual. All the things that were carried out at creation were meant to depilate themselves the same way after their own kind forever. What is unique about the human andmore specially the woman is that she was created to do something much more than just reproduce. Animals and the vegetation do that and the are made and described with a different hebrew word. The word used for the “building” of the woman was unique to her. the word means that she she was create to house the see and to give birth to life. This is not just the seed of the man (children), but also the spiritual seed. She is where dreams and purpose are deposited. It is her job to take what the man gives her and to multiply it and yield it back to him 10, 100, 1000 fold. She is not just a place to create but she also serves as the mediator between the desire of the man and the product of that desire. It is only through her that man can bring forth the life (nun-seed) that he carries inside of his loins. She doesn't just stop at birth of the child but she is also supposed to take the children and raise them righteously, planting the seed of the word in their hearts and nurturing it so that when they are finally of age to be presented back to the Father and the community they raise up and call her blessed. The woman is continually open to the seed of truth, life, and prosperity in order to give back and bless her family and those around her. She is continually giving. It is only when you have the aleph (strong leader), the bet (house, womb), and the nun (seed, life) that you are able to see the foundation of the family.

If we reject any part of this or call any portion of the family less importance we ruin the foundation that Yah has created as a testimony to humanity.The Foundation of Torah is built on the chief cornerstone.

The woman plays the intricate role of providing a place for life to come forth, hence HaSatan deceiving her, causing her to corrupt the seed. But just because she was deceived once doesn't mean that she has to continue to live a life of separation. Yah has created a method to unifying His “image” (Gen. 1:27) back to Himself, but when the dual essence of male and female fail to be one (Echad), the seed suffers. The woman who operates in Torah performs as the mediator in the home. Her build is an intricate part of the system that has been set up. She runs righteous interference, and is a physical picture of the Ruach(Spirit). She is the joining wall and the safeguard for her family. In her role she is "understanding" personified, and the strong water (another lesson) or glue that holds together and houses everything. Seeing the importance of the roles, not based upon form but their necessary function, helps us identify who we are as women and our purpose for our homes. It is only in our proper function that we can resist satan and join our husbands in building a righteous example of family for the Kingdom! 

Proverbs 14:1 (KJV)
Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

**Torah is the guide for the foundation of the home. When a woman deviates from the Word of Truth, and entertains the words of the adversary, the foundation of the home and its function is destroyed leads to the destruction of the family.

We are built to guard, protect, give life, and then place that life back in the hands of the Father to prove that we managed what we were trusted with.

If you are not building you are destroying…SELAH!